Georgetown Dean & Deluca reopens

The Dean & Deluca in Georgetown was shut down. (Photo: acameronhuff via flickr

Non-compliance with regulations posing an imminent health risk to the public. That what the sign stated earlier Thursday on the front door of the popular Dean & Deluca in Georgetown.

The high-end and almost iconic grocery store in Georgetown was shutdown for hours by the health department after an inspection revealed rats, roaches and mice infestation.

The store reopened after 4 p.m. Thursday.

Bridget Ansel is a Georgetown student who picks up coffee there occasionally.

"You wouldn't expect Dean and Deluca of all places, especially for the prices they charge," she says.

This is not the first time the store has had problems with food violations, either. After a complaint was filed last summer, an inspection found 13 violations, seven considered to be critical.

The high-end grocery store has 18 violations. The serious ones include:

*Mold found inside the ice machine.
*Rat, mice and bird droppings found behind a refrigerator.
*Produce stored on the floor.
*The report also says one of the workers was not wearing a hair net in the seafood section.

Some customers, like Andrew Taylor, say don't be too quick to criticize.

"They have good hygiene in there,” he says. “There is no doubt about that. But D.C. has a lot of rats including Georgetown."

Here's the statement from Dean & Deluca:

Yesterday, our Georgetown store was temporarily closed, primarily due to issues in our open-air cafe that arose from major construction next door. We have been working closely with the health department today to immediately address all areas of concern, and are pleased to report that the market has re-opened.

The cafe outside remains closed for service, but only because there are birds that have flown into the open air space. While we are unable to serve food and beverages at the cafe, guests are still welcome to sit there and enjoy food bought inside the market. Additionally, we are in the process of temporarily moving the espresso bar inside, until the outdoor cafe issues are resolved. We hope to re-open with full service as soon as possible.

As always, DEAN & DELUCA is committed to offering our team and guests the cleanest and most hygienic environment, and we will continue to work tirelessly to achieve the highest standards.