George Washington University textbook theft conspirators found guilty

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Four men involved in a textbook theft ring at George Washington University, including an H Street hot dog vendor, were found guilty last Thursday for their roles in the crime, the George Washington Hatchet reports.

According to the Hatchet, the thefts, which totaled about $150,000, lasted from December 2010 and January 2011. As part of the scheme, three bookstore workers - Kyle Culbreath, Darrell Coleman and Kiry McCullum - stole thousands of books for the hot dog vendor, Hao Nguyen, to sell online.

Nguyen was a staple on the Northwest D.C. campus, the Hatchet says, selling food and offering to buy and sell books from his cart for more than two decades.

The four men involved in the theft ring exchanged textbooks at least nine times during that month.