George Washington University Metrobus stabbing injures teen

Richard Walker, 17, was stabbed in the Metrobus incident.

A 17-year-old teen was stabbed on a Metrobus on the campus of George Washington University on Wednesday afternoon, officials say.

The stabbing happened on a Route 80 Metrobus at about 12:20 p.m. on the university's Northwest Washington campus, Metro spokesperson Caroline Lucas says. The bus was near the intersection of 21st and F streets NW when the incident occurred.

The stabbing victim, Richard Walker says all he was trying to do was defend his mother from a man on the bus.

“You can see the hole in my shirt where he cut me,” he says. “And I got that right here.”

Walker and his mother Tamika Kirby say they boarded the bus at the corner of 21st and F streets N.W. Kirby is receiving treatment at a George Washington clinic. She has brain and lung cancer and diabetes. She says she and her son were just trying to get back home.

They settled Kirby in her wheelchair in the front of the bus when a man coming on behind them began yelling at Kirby.

The two say the man was upset about how long it was taking them to get Kirby and her wheelchair situated.

“I told him to leave my mom alone and don't talk to her like that and he got rowdy with me so I jumped up and he pushed me,” Walker says.

The suspect fled the scene after the stabbing, Metro officials say. A lookout has been placed for a black male in his mid-to-late 40s. He stands 5-foot-3, is bald and was seen wearing a purple shirt with white horizontal stripes.

Walker just moved here from South Carolina to be with his mother and attend the University of Maryland in the fall.

“I'm glad I'm the one that got cut and not my mom,” he says.