George Washington students ill with Norovirus

George Washington University has confirmed about 85 students at the university have become ill because of norovirus.

Students have been diagnosed with norovirus who reside at the Foggy Bottom campus, Mount Vernon campus and off-campus housing.

The norovirus can be spread by sharing food or a drink with an infected person, but it is not airborne like the flu. To contain the outbreak, the university has encouraged students to wash their hands or use sanitizer and to disinfect surfaces.

The university stated that it is also cleaning heavily-used areas, such as the Marvin Center, Gelman Library and the Lerner Health and Wellness Center.

“Symptoms of norovirus infection usually include diarrhea, throwing up, nausea, and stomach cramping. Other less common symptoms may include low-grade fever, chills, headache, muscle aches, and general sense of fatigue,” the university stated.

"It's definitely scary for us knowing that it's on our campus and we have to be aware of it," said student Sigak Singh.

Since Monday, 85 students have come to the University Health Services with the norovirus, most of them within the last 24 hours. It has afflicted students living on- and off-campus and those in a wide range of classes and who dine in many different locations.

"I am a little more concerned now, so I will be washing my hands and not touching things if I don't have to," said student Dennis Holmes.

"I'll lock myself up with my books," said student Karen Fuller.

The virus is typically not very serious and those with it tend to get better in a couple of days, though it can be more serious for the children and the elderly.