George Malvar found dead 40 days after son's death

The father of an Arlington County teen who died in early June was found dead at his home Saturday, The Washington Post reports.

Friends gathered at the Cathedral of St. Thomas More to memorialize John Malvar, the 18-year-old killed in a skateboarding accident, but his father, George Malvar, never showed up.

When he didn't answer his phone, friends went to Malvar's home to check on him. The 75 year old was found dead on his bed.

Police say Malvar died of natural causes. A daughter said he had hypertension and recently had aortic surgery.

Now friends who had been planning a celebration of a young man's life are faced with mourning another death.

Malvar's friend said at least 50 rosary beads were found in his car that he had planned to give out at the cemetery. A cake at a local bakery hadn't been picked up yet.

According to Filipino Catholic tradition, friends and family gather 40 days after a person's death. Malvar and others planned to pray at the gravesite, attend Mass and then celebrate John's life at a party.

John was skateboarding in the 300 block of South Highland Street while gripping a friend's pickup when he fell and hit his head. The driver of the truck has been charged with reckless driving.

Friends say John was a well-liked student at Washington-Lee High School, where he had plans to graduate two weeks from his death.