George Huguely's UVA lacrosse murder trial enters second week

In a taped interview shown in court Friday, Huguely repeatedly said he didn't do anything to hurt Love.

The Virginia trial which has captured the nation's attention enters its second week.

Former University of Virginia student and lacrosse player George Huguely is on trial in Charlottesville for the 2010 murder of fellow student and former girlfriend Yeardley Love.

After days of riveting testimony and revelations from both sides, observers are wondering what to expect. The testimony included the Friday showing of a taped interview in which Huguely is informed of Love's death, after which he repeatedly states that he didn't do anything that would have killed her.

As the prosecution continues to lay out its case, it's expected to talk about blood evidence, DNA and the relevance of a crushed beer can.

Huguely, once a swaggering college lacrosse player from Chevy Chase, is now shriveled to a rail-thin inmate after nearly two years behind bars. He has already pleaded not guilty to Love's murder.

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But prosecutors paint him as a drunken brute who broke down Love's bedroom door and savagely beat her, then left her to die in her own bed.

While prosecutors prepare for new testimony and the introduction of more evidence, people here in the D.C. area and across the country are following the trial intently.

Huguely told investigators he went to Love's apartment to make-up after a fight, that they fought, and he pushed her to the floor.

Huguely also says Love banged her head against the wall repeatedly.

"I didn't hurt her. I don't believe you."

Last week prosecutors played Huguely's taped interview with police in Charlottesville after they had discovered Love's body.

When detectives told him Love was dead Huguely repeated over and over, "She's dead, shes dead?"

Then he said, "I didn't hurt her. I want to see her. I don't believe you." He then dissolved into sobs.

The prosecution is expected to continue for at least one more day. Then the defense will put on its case.

Both sides likely will use Huguely's taped interview to try to bolster their arguments.