George Huguely interrogation tapes made public

The video of police interrogating former UVA student George Huguely was made public for the first time Tuesday.

Huguely was not in court to watch the public view his emotional hour long interview with Charlottesville Police, which was taped in May 2010.

After detectives conducting the interrogation told Huguely that his estranged girlfriend, Yeardley Love, was dead, he put his hands over his face and incessantly repeated, "No she's not dead," and often shouted and stomped his feet.

The former lacrosse player was convicted in February of killing Love.

A limited amount of evidence was finally revealed to the general public following a first amendment legal struggle between several media organizations, including ABC7, and the trial judge.

Attorney Scott Goodman said, "The judge had to compromise and balance it out between [what] the needs of the press were and what he was willing to show."

In addition to the interrogation video, the judge released combative emails between the former couple and Love's bloody bed linen, displayed in a slide show.

No images were allowed to be copied or photographed.

Charlottesville resident Linda Southwell says she plans to go to the courthouse to see the evidence.

"I think it was something that happened to the entire community," Southwell said.

Meanwhile, Attorney Lloyd Snook believes the display was not enough, claiming, "They're holding back the evidence that shows Yeardley Love's body at the scene of the crime."

But in a case that tore at the heart of the college town, some residents say it's time to put the case to rest.

Resident Melissa Dickens added, "The trial is over. The jury was in the position to make the decision. He doesn't need to be tried by the public again."

No graphic evidence, autopsy photographs or medical records were included in the display presented to the public. Charlottesville court officials say those pieces of evidence will be available in the civil cases filed by the Love family against both Huguely and the UVA lacrosse coach.

Huguely will be sentenced in August.