George Huguely found guilty of second degree murder

Former University of Virginia lacrosse player George Huguely was found guilty Wednesday in the slaying of his one-time girlfriend Yeardley Love, ending one of the most high-profile trials in Charlottesville history.

The jury deliberated for about a day before finding Huguely guilty.

He was found not guilty of burglary and first degree murder in commision of a robbery.

Immediately after the verdict, the jurors began the penalty phase of the trial.

Authorities accused Huguely of killing Love in May 2010. Love, a 22-year-old fellow Virginia student and also a lacrosse player, died from blunt force trauma, a medical examiner testified.

The accusations have clearly put a toll on Huguely. Once a swaggering college lacrosse player from Chevy Chase, Huguely is now shriveled to a rail-thin inmate after nearly two years behind bars. He had pleaded not guilty to Love's murder.

Some of the most damning evidence against Huguely came from the defendant himself. While Huguely declined to testify on his own behalf during the trial, prosecutors played a videotaped interview between police and Huguely recorded shortly after Love was found slain.

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In the interview, Huguely admitted that he kicked in Love's door and that he shook her "a little bit." He also claimed that Love was "freaking out" and hit her own head against a wall.

He told authorities he never struck her but took her by the arms and shoulder. When told of her death during the interview, he repeatedly said he didn't do anything that would have killed her.

Prosecutors also stated that Huguely was jealous over another relationship Love had with another lacrosse player at the University of North Carolina. In an email shown to jurors, Huguely wrote: "When I found out about Mike Burns, I should have killed you."

Huguely's defense stated that Love didn't die from blunt force trauma, as the medical examiner has ruled. Instead, they claimed that Love was drunk and suffocated in her pillow.