George Allen talks Va. Senate seat, promotes "freedom"

Former governors Tim Kaine and George Allen have entered the homestretch in the race for Senate in{ }battleground Virginia.

They both put politics aside and marched in the Labor Day parade in Buena Vista, but Allen appeared on Good Morning Washington on Tuesday to talk about his push for Virginia's Senate seat.

Tuesday marks the{ }beginning{ }of the new school year for students in Fairfax County, where Allen’s youngest daughter Brooke is preparing for her first day of classes.

Turning to the race, Republican George Allen pointed to his starkly different views on the economy, compared to his rival Kaine.

“Unfortunately, there’s 23 million men and women who can’t find work and are unemployed or underemployed,” Allen said.

“That’s why I’m running to make sure that this is a country that is a land of opportunity for all,” Allen added. “If we unleash our American energy resources, that means more jobs and affordable fuel and food. We need to stop these devastating defense cuts … that my opponent supported and I opposed, that’s going cause another 200,000 jobs to be lost in Virginia.”

Allen, who was unseated by Kaine in 2006, says his top priority as a U.S. Senator would be to “get our country moving with the right tax, energy, economic and education policies.”

Over the next two months, Allen says his campaign{ }plans to “work as hard as we can” to tip the election into his favor with hopes that “Virginians will stand strong for freedom.”