Gene Gillette sentenced to 10 years

Gillette pleaded guilty in November to attempted second-degree murder, attempted fourth-degree sex offense, and use of a handgun. (Photo: Facebook)

The Mount Rainier Police officer who allegedly lured a 20-year-old man to his home to be in a pornographic video, then shot him when he tried to flee, was sentenced to 10 years in prison.{ }

Gene Gillette, a 3½ year veteran with the police, pleaded guilty in November to attempted second-degree murder, attempted fourth-degree sex offense and use of a handgun.

He was sentenced Wednesday in Prince George's County. He will have to serve a minimum of five years because a gun was involved. And he'll have to register as a sex offender when he's released.

A grand jury previously indicted the 27-year-old on multiple charges, including attempted murder and sexual offense, in connection with a July 2 shooting in Capitol Heights.

A victim in the shooting, a 20-year-old man, said he was lured over to Gillette's residence when he was told there would be women to shoot a pornographic film, sources earlier told ABC7.

Once the victim arrived, he found no women at the residence. Instead, sources say, Gillette wanted him to perform sexual acts with him. When the victim tried to flee in Gillette's personal car, the officer opened fire, hitting him four times and seriously wounding him.

Gillette originally said that he had shot the victim in self-defense while he was being carjacked. He later claimed that the relationship was consensual and he acted in self-defense because he was being robbed.

In court today, in a long rambling apology to the victim and his family and even to the people of Mount Rainier, Gillette pointed out that in just 3½ years on the small force he was rookie of the year and twice officer of the year.

He did not mention that even as his commanders were giving him awards, he was also twice successfully sued for excessive force.

State's Attorney Angela Alsobrooks says he was anything but a good cop.

“I think he was an extremely dangerous individual who was obviously very devious, that he led more than one lifestyle,” Alsobrooks says. “And I’m glad he will be serving time for his conduct.”

Sources earlier confirmed that at the time of the July 2 shooting Gillette was already being investigated for another incident where he allegedly discharged his weapon in his home.

In that case, the claim is that Gillette tussled with a man whom he'd lured to his home on the false pretense of a concert after-party.

The victim claims that when he realized Gillette wanted to perform oral sex on him he tried to get away, sources say.

A fight ensued, sources says, and the man discharged Gillette's weapon. Nobody was hit.