Gay rights groups want Pastor Greg Laurie disinvited from Capitol, Pentagon events

WASHINGTON (AP) - Gay rights groups say a pastor who has preached against gay marriage shouldn't be allowed to lead this Thursday's National Day of Prayer events at the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill.

California Pastor Greg Laurie, the honorary chairman of this year's National Day of Prayer, has said the Bible calls gay sex sinful.

The Rev. Allyson Robinson, executive director of the gay military group Outserve-SLDN, says that should disqualify him from speaking at the Pentagon now that gays can serve openly and be married in many military chapels.

The Human Rights Campaign's religion and faith program director, Sharon Groves, says Laurie shouldn't be welcome on Capitol Hill either.

Similar complaints prompted the withdrawal of the Rev. Louie Giglio from delivering President Obama's inaugural prayer in January.

A spokeswoman for Laurie says he's aware of the complaints and still plans to attend both events in Washington this week.