Gas station robberies cause for concern for Prince George's County police

BOWIE, Md. (WJLA) - Authorities in Prince George's County are stepping up their efforts to both find the suspects who are robbing gas station customers and keep people from becoming victims.

Prince George's County Police officials say that the crime, which takes just seconds to occur, happened twice earlier this month at a Safeway gas station in Bowie.

In each robbery, thieves duck down as they approach a car being refueled, hidden from the vehicle's owner. The thief opens the door opposite the gas tank and grabs whenever purse or bag is sitting in the car.

At that point, officials say a waiting getaway car pulls up and whisks the thief away. Police have no suspects in either robbery.

Police in Prince George's County are warning drivers to be careful as they fill up their gas tanks.

Police said drivers should consider locking their cars while they gas up.

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