Gas prices up nationwide

Omari Abdelhak is making another stop at the gas pump.

As a local taxi driver, it's money that comes out of his own wallet.

"We have to do it. We have to put gas in the car,” says Abdelhak, a Red Top cab driver.

Gas prices are climbing nationwide. A year ago, motorists in the Washington metro area paid an average of $3.59 per gallon. Now, they're paying $3.71.

Today's national average of gasoline is the highest ever for this date in history. In the District gas is about $3.92 per gallon. In Maryland, gas is $3.69 a gallon. The cheapest in our area is in Virginia, where the average is $3.58.

Sales representative Ailene Werner says it's wearing on her.

"It's gotten crazy. I'm a sales rep, and I'm on the road every day. And it's just exorbitant at this price,” says Werner of Rockville.

Travel group AAA Mid-Atlantic says the upward trend is concerning and goes against typical trends. Usually, prices decline as we inch toward labor day.

"Obviously, we're in the middle of hurricane seasons, problems in the middle east with Syria,” Christopher Falkenhagen, AAA mid-Atlantic spokesman. “Anything like that can affect the gas prices."

And drivers like Malcolm Granado are changing their habits to deal with the spike.

"I've cut down the distance I've been driving because I used to go on, like, extracurricular drives at night to sorta unwind. So I've cut down on those, recently,” he says.