Gas prices rise for 35th day straight

It is climbing and with no end in sight.

The cost of filling up is rising every day and customers are noticing.

The average price for a gallon of gas in the metro area is $3.84. That's nearly 20 cents higher than it was a year ago.

Gas is most expensive in D.C., where the average price is now $4 a gallon.

Marcia Burgos is a realtor and drives for a living. The higher price she pays at the pump is affecting her bottom line.

"It goes up, it goes down. I have to pay for it whether I like it or not. I have to drive for a living, so it's something I have to accept," Burgos said.

At a discount gas station in Arlington, people are paying less than they would at other stations. But they are frustrated by the ever skyrocketing prices.

Driver Medhi Rizq said, "It is affecting my wallet because every day or every two days I gotta fill up. It would be nice if the prices would go down.

"I feel like the country needs to do something about it...," motorist Kristen Boehme added. "It's hard on the wallet."