Gas prices near record highs in Washington metro area

Unsurprisingly, hitting the road for this long holiday weekend may cause more pain to your wallet than you're anticipating.

Overnight from Wednesday into Thursday, the local average for a gallon of gas jumped yet again, meaning that your Easter road trip is going to cost you even more. The average cost in Maryland has now topped $4, and that might not be the last record broken.

However, AAA officials say that even as gas prices near astronomical highs, drivers are still fairly undeterred.

"It looks bleak, but people are still driving," AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesman John Townsend said. "It may be that $4 gas is the old $3 gas for consumers.

In the District, the average price is two cents away from breaking the all-time record of $4.21, which was set last May. For D.C. resident Rodney Savoy, who notes that the price per gallon is more than a dime lower in Northern Virginia than in his neighborhood, says the price at the pump is impacting his bottom line.

"You go to work every day and your paycheck doesn't change, but everything else in the economy is changing, including gas," Savoy said.

For Tammie Turner and her family, her family's road trip from North Carolina to visit family in New Jersey could cost them more than $300.

"It's groceries for my household, a month's worth at that," Turner said.

A series of new, dueling ads from President Obama and Mitt Romney paints the other as partially responsible.

Prices were around $1.90 when Obama took office. And whether he's to blame for it doubling, or not, new polls show he may have the most to lose.

68 percent of Americans are unhappy with his handling of gas prices even though a majority technically blame the oil companies.

Obama’s re-election team is well aware that a problem at the pump can also be one at the polls and has been aggressive.

He's given seven speeches in march on energy or gas. There was a rose garden event and they're sending out slides to show how domestic oil production has grown these last three years.

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