Gas prices go up on West Coast after fire

Drivers could be in for another price jump at the pump.

Gas prices are rising on the West Coast due to Monday's fire at one of the country's largest refineries in California. The Chevron refinery produces a large amount of the nation's gas supply. The West Cost price shift could soon move east.

The D.C. area saw an increase in gas prices before the refinery fire. puts the average gallon of regular gas at $3.93. That's up 13 cents from last week and 33 cents from last month.

Ian Hennigan says he spends more than $100 a week on gas driving to construction sites for work.

"I gotta have it...and I drive by myself," Hennigan said.

Oil experts predict prices will go up another 25 cents in California.

Jamie Court with said, "They can charge a dollar more for it if they want...and they're going to do that."

Court blames the oil companies for sudden price surges.

"It lets the oil companies raise prices really quickly and make a big profit," Court added.

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