Gas prices: Finding the cheapest gas stations

Many drivers are trying to find the cheapest gas stations, but searching for lower prices usually means putting more miles on you car.

ABC7 found quite a price range at area gas stations, from more than $4.50 a gallon to $3.82 in Laurel and even cheaper in Virginia. Drivers says those cents add up.

In the District, we found the lowest price on Benning Road Southeast with $3.88 for a gallon of regular unleaded. It's is worth the drive for Derek Cobb, who works in Arlington.

"I don't get my gas in Virginia. I used to get my gas but now I get in D.C.," Cobb said.

To save money in Virginia, drivers have to move away from D.C. South on I-95 in Stafford ABC7 found the lowest price of $3.78 a gallon at Valero on Route 1 at Layhill Road.

In Maryland, head to Laurel: The prices started dropping from $3.89 to down to $3.82 a gallon at the Exxon on route 198 at Route 1. The pumps were busy.

"I work and go to school in Rockville and it's 40 cents higher in Rockville so you gas up here. I gas up here,” said Jarrett Thompson.

Gerald Mayes lives in Columbia but also gets gas in Laurel. It makes for a difference of 27 cents a gallon, he said.

Costco and BJ's wholesale club members get reduced rates on gas. The lines are usually long. Shell offers discounts through Giant Food stores.