Gas prices continue to drop across D.C. area

Drivers across the area have reason to rejoice. With gas prices continuing to drop, it's making for a much lighter load on people's wallets.

And if there's a prize for the cheapest gas in the D.C. area, a station in Laurel must be a contender.

According to AAA, there"s a downward trend around the country. In some states, gas has plummeted more than forty cents per gallon.

Experts say it's a mixed bag that has brought the numbers down: lower crude oil prices, increased production, and decreased demand are all part of the equation. Some predict we could see the lowest prices in June this year.

Still some customers are suspicious. Prices could be down today, back up tomorrow.

ABC7's Roz Plater talks with customers at the Laurel station, some who come from a long way and then wait in lines to fill up.