Gas prices at five-month low

He's been on the hunt for less expensive gasoline. And now Robert McNamara's found what he's been looking for. Sort of.

$2.99 regular self-serve gas at several stations just off interstate 95 here in Fredericksburg is such a hot commodity that it's hard to keep in the pumps. That doesn't deter McNamara, who's found that premium gas here at $3.39 is actually less expensive than regular self-serve in Alexandria, which is four cents more.

“Cheaper the gas, the cheaper the price you fill up,” he says.

Gas prices rise as motorists make the trip north on 95. It’s right at the three dollar mark in Fredericksburg. Club members at a discount store offered the lower price at $2.96.

A spot in Occoquan had regular pump-it-yourself for $3.17. Just across the street, at another gas station it's 10 cents more.

The national average for gas is at its lowest price in five months, with regular oil under $3.40 a gallon.

Drivers in the D.C. area are paying an average of $3.37 per gallon.

However, drivers are buying less gas than they did last year.

Crude has fallen to near eight-month lows from $106 less than two months ago amid signs economic growth and oil demand are slowing in the U.S., Europe and China, according to the Associated Press.

Experts predict an additional 5 to 20 cent cut by this time next week - the 4th of July

“Put it back to a dollar a gallon I'll really love it!” McNamara says.