Gas prices are going down -- except at one Maryland gas station

At another Exxon station, gas prices were similarly high earlier this year, as this file photo shows.

Gas prices are coming down, but apparently not for one Maryland gas station.
The national average for a gallon of gas is $3.55 on Tuesday.

At one Waldorf, Md., gas station, however, regular unleaded gas has been hovering around $4.49. Right across the street it's nearly a dollar less at $3.51 a gallon.

Tonya Harrington says she used to like using the Exxon station off Mattawoman drive and 301. "I just can't believe how high it's gotten," she said.

The store's manager wouldn't go on camera, but he admits the station is losing business. The company that owns the Exxon station and sets the price couldn't be reached for comment.

However, the association that represents local gas stations says the station has had troubles in the past and re-opened in the past year.

Michelle Watson purposefully chose the BP station across the street to fill up her tank.

AAA says in Maryland there's a ban on selling gas at low costs, but not selling gas above market value. This isn't the only local station accused of price gouging. D.C. officials are trying to add more gas regulations to stations like an Exxon near the Watergate hotel, which has some of the highest prices in the country.