Gary Giordano insurance lawsuit dismissed by federal judge

Giordano and Amex Assurance had traded lawsuits over the $1.5 million policy. Photo: Aruban Police

A lawsuit that could void a $1.5 million accidental death policy taken out by Gary Giordano before the disappearance of Robyn Gardner can move forward, a federal judge has ruled.

Amex Assurance Company, the agency which issued the policy to Giordano before he traveled to Aruba with Gardner in August of 2011, sued Giordano last September in attempt to void it.

Gardner, a Frederick resident who was 35 at the time, disappeared without a trace while vacationing with Giordano that summer. He has repeatedly denied any involvement in her disappearance, which allegedly happened during a snorkeling trip.

Giordano had previously filed a motion to have the suit dismissed. That motion has been denied.

He was jailed for several months by Aruban authorities in the aftermath of the disappearance, but was released in November 2011 without being charged with a crime.