Garrett County ice storm makes for treacherous driving conditions

Photo: Barb Michael, Oakland

While we’re dealing with winds and rain in the D.C. area, a bit further west a layer of ice is bringing its own set of problems.

The driver of one tractor trailer is lucky to be alive Tuesday. He was driving on I-68 west of Frostburg when he lost control of his rig during the height of the ice storm.

"It jackknifed and then a truck hit him," says Garrett Vonstein of the Maryland State Police.

Neither of the drivers was seriously hurt, but the crash into the guardrail closed down the westbound side of the highway for nearly an hour. As ice caked the roads it made for treacherous driving conditions in the county.

"It's horrible," says Jeremy Minnick of Springs, Pa. "I'm slipping all over the place."

The state put out dozens of sanders and plows, but it was impossible to stay ahead of the freezing rain and ice that lasted for several hours.

Some businesses closed early so workers could get home safely. Crystal Fazenbaker had to stay and mind the store.

“People are coming in and saying it’s really bad,” she says.

School was cancelled again Tuesday, worrying parents whose children have had so many snow days this year, they're wondering how far into the springtime they'll still be in school.

On top of the ice, Garrett County also felt winds of up to 25 to 30 mph.