Garrett County gets pounded by snow storm

Photo: Barb Michael, Oakland MD

Snow is still coming down in parts of Western Maryland and West Virginia after Hurricane Sandy met a cold front. And as much as 80 percent of people who live in Garrett County are without power during this early bout of winter weather.

Governor Martin O'Malley toured areas in Garrett County Thursday, including a visit with displaced residents at a shelter in Oakland, and a meeting with local elected and emergency management officials.

O'Malley said his chief concern is for senior citizens and people who are disabled.

Much of Garrett County is under two feet or more of snow. The most was measured at 28 inches in Red House.

I know everybody's up here waiting on generators and power," says Andy Witt. "It's bad."

Isolated inside her home by the storm, 85-year-old Wanda Sheffield is doing her best to get by.

"We don't have any heat," says says. "We have none."

She filled a dishpan full of water in advance of the storm and now it's all she's got.

"We have food and everything. We don't have any water."

Truckers were hit hard by the storm.

"This is a bad, bad, bad situation," says Joe Fleuriful. "We can't get nowhere now."

A mountain of snow forced the closure of Interstate 68, stranding the big rigs. Some were held up at a nearby gas station with no electricity. Many weren't sure how long they would be stuck there.

The plows are out in force as the snow continues to fall, making getting around even more complicated.

The interstate reopened later Tuesday.