Garey Jones held without bond in alleged stabbings

The man accused of stabbing four women in Northeast and Northwest D.C. was ordered held without bond on Tuesday.

Magistrate Frederick Sullivan in D.C. Superior Court ordered Garey Jones III, 20, to be held on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. Johnson was taken into custody on Friday when two officers spotted him acting strangely.

Jones' attorney made spirited arguments against the charges and asked for his client to be released, but prosecutors strongly objected, saying Jones was a threat to the community and taking anti-psychotic medications.

Jones is accused of attacking the women in the Petworth neighborhood beginning in May
. In each late night or early morning attack, Jones attacked the women with a sharp object, police say. All victims survived their injuries.

“All in all he probably tried to stab me 30 or 40 times,” one victim says.

“This I someone that is determined and relentless,” says another victim.

Jones’ attorney argues the case against his client is flimsy based on circumstantial evidence. A search of Jones’ house found a pocketknife and blood-stained khaki pants similar to what the stabber wore. Only one of the four victims picked Jones out of a line-up.

None of Jones’ family or friends in court or at his home wanted to talk, but his mother says her son suffers from a mental illness.

When rendering his decision to hold Jones without bond, the judge said “This is a strong case of probable cause but DNA evidence will be the tail that wags the dog.”