Gansler claims Anthony Brown relies on race

SILVER SPRING, Md. (WJLA) -- Maryland Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown has already throwing his hat into the gubernatorial ring. Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler is expected to jump in next month with his candidacy. But controversy is already brewing.

The Washington Post obtained a secretly-recorded audio of Gansler at a private meeting with supporters on July 15, where he seemed to be saying that Brown is relying on race:

"Compare his record, which is a little thin, versus our record, and sort of pick...what we've done, and then the vision. I mean, right now his campaign slogan is 'Vote for me, I want to be the first African-American governor of Maryland.'"

ABC7 caught up with Gansler at a meeting of a transit advocacy group in Silver Spring.

"You can look at the transcript, I said nothing wrong," insisted Gansler. "In fact, I said what people believe -- we shouldn't be talking about race."

And yet, on that same recording, Gansler had this to say about who he will choose as a running mate:

"It will be an African-American, and it will be somebody from either Baltimore or Prince George's."

The Brown campaign sent us this statement in response:

"Doug Gansler is the only candidate using race to divide people in this election while attacking the Lieutenant Governor's long record of service. Gansler should apologize for his insensitive comments so we can all just move on."

Gansler THEN pointed the finger back, saying he didn’t know why he should apologize:

“I don’t get involved with this kind of dirty politics. If Anthony Brown wanted to know what we were doing, he could just pick up the phone and call me."

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