Gaithersburg missile site zoned for new offices, warehouse, parking lot

Some call this area of Gaithersburg Silo Park – and for good reason.

In the 1950’s and 60’s, this was the site of an army base that housed Nike missiles. The base has been decommissioned for decades, and there are housing developments, a small airport, and even a park named Nike Missile Park wrapping around the site where the missiles were once housed.

But now there are plans to dig up the area and develop it into a business park with warehouses, offices, and parking.

Some neighbors like Connie Chow, however, think it's better to leave it alone. Chow lives just a few hundred yards from the 14-acre site, and wants those pursuing the project to just hold on.

“We have a lot of kids that are around this neighborhood,” she explained.

The concerns come from the fact that unused fuel and chemicals used to power the missiles may still be lurking. Then there is the underground storage tank that records state was buried here, though surveyors reportedly could not find it the last time they checked more than a decade ago.

Another nearby resident, Vivian Carver, said: "It's something they should put a lot of thought into before they start doing something that is going to hurt a lot of people or destroy our neighborhood."