Fur nightclub told to improve its security

A popular Northeast D.C. nightclub is being told to improve its security before it can reopen. It comes after a 19 year old was stabbed inside the Fur nightclub last week. The attack happened even though 17 security guards and 10 police officers were standing guard.

In a hearing before the Alcohol Beverage Control board Wednesday, the owners of the Fur nightclub expressed frustration that they get blamed for any crime in the vicinity of their club on Patterson Street NE.

They presented a plan for heightened security after the May 6 stabbing in the club that’s kept them shut down by the city ever since.

Fur will restore a wandering policy they let lapse, turn over all weapons they confiscate to police, and get more sophisticated machines to check ID’s. The 19 year old stabbed was too young to be in the club.

Board members also asked about a shooting incident in March in which 13 people were shot, some believed to be patrons of the club.

The club said it would no longer host the go-go band TCB or any of its members in the future. Both the stabbing and shooting incidents occurred on nights the band performed.

In the hearing, ABC board members listened to Fur’s new security plan called for modest changes.

The owners of Fur will present their suggestions to the board on Friday. They could re-open this weekend.