Fur nightclub makes changes after stabbing

A Northeast D.C. nightclub says it is making changes after a stabbing led to the club being temporarily shut down. Their solution? Firing the gogo band that was playing that night.

The TCB gogo band was playing at the Fur nightclub on May 9, the night a 19 year old survived being stabbed in the chest during a brawl. The police chief ordered the club closed for 96 hours for public safety. The club has a hearing Wednesday before the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration, whose report says Fur owner Ahmed Shah sent an email to ABRA stating he will no longer host TCB at Fur going forward.

“I’m trying to figure out how do we do anything different from any artist in town,” says Ben Adda, the manager of TCB.

Adda says they’ve also been banned in Prince George’s County.

“We don’t search the people. We provide proper security, proper police,” he says.

During the stabbing incident, the report says the club had 27 guards inside and 10 officers outside watching 300 patrons. However, the same nightclub came up after a drive-by shooting in March involving patrons that left 13 people wounded on North Capitol Street. The nightclub’s manager couldn’t remember whether TCB played that night, but some question banning particular groups.

“It wasn’t a problem for this band performing for our mayor when he was running for office in Southeast in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city,” says Ron Moten, an activist.

The report says the security threw the brawlers, including the stabber, out of the club and they fled. Then security learned the victim had been stabbed.

On Wednesday, Fur’s owners will be before the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation AdministrationBoard and asked why a 19 year old was in the club, allegedly holding a drink in his hand, and why a knife was allowed in the club.