Funeral service for Alexandria paramedic Joshua Weissman

Joshua Weissman was killed when he fell from an overpass on I-395 while responding to a call. (Photo: Alexandria Fire Department)

The funeral procession for Alexandria paramedic Joshua Weissman appropriately wound its way through the streets where he served.

Bagpipers, service vehicles and hundreds of family, friends and fellow first responders solemnly walked down Seminary Road on Thursday afternoon as Weissman's flag-draped casket rode on top of an Alexandria Fire Department truck.

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"He had a huge heart," Fairfax County firefighter Daniel Keys said. "He did everything he could to promote everything he loved."

Weissman died in the line of duty Feb. 8 while responding to a call on I-395 near Glebe Road. While trying to get to an accident scene, the 33-year-old paramedic fell off an overpass and into Four Mile Run Creek.

He first became a volunteer firefighter in upstate New York when he was just 16 years old. Weissman then served in the Alexandria ranks for seven years. On Thursday, his partner and his chief remembered him as an outstanding public servant.

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"Josh has always been an inspiration to me because of his amazing drive and passion to always be the best," Kelsea Bonkoski, his partner, said. "He continued to always push those he knew to be the best."

Humble, caring, tenacious and dedicated were all words used today to describe Weissman, including Alexandria Fire Chief Adam Thiel.

"Everything he did exemplified the values, the honored traditions and the profession that he chose...of the life that he led," Thiel said.