Frustration for D.C. drivers as new DMV rules go into effect

(WJLA) - Frustration was the word on Thursday at D.C. DMV offices as residents who came to get their driver’s licenses learned that they didn’t bring enough paperwork due to new rules officially in effect as of today.

New or replacement licenses now require four documents: Proof of identity other than the license, proof of social security, and two proofs of D.C. residence – like recent utility bills.

"We did give you some misinformation,” admitted DMV Director Lucinda Babers, who wanted to clarify earlier reports that everyone had to come down and get these licenses – but it’s not so, she confirmed.

"You can still use that credential to enter federal buildings and board planes -- you'll be good to go, you do not have to come back to us."

Also new today, undocumented residents can now apply for D.C. licenses.

"It's a freedom of life, it's better quality for D.C. Latino residents," said Roxana Olivias, D.C. Director of Latino Affairs.

At the D.C. Office of Latino Affairs, they were signing up people with appointments at the DMV. Lydia Grande came with her daughter to make an appointment for her undocumented husband:

""That way, people don't have to worry about getting pulled over and going to jail -- just because they don't have a driver's license."

These licenses look the same as regular licenses, except there are words that state “Not Valid for Federal Purposes.”