Accident, Frostburg Maryland sees snow Monday

Winter weather in April for Frostburg, Maryland

On Sunday night, some Maryland residents went to bed hearing the sound of rain hitting their rooftops. By Monday morning, though, that rain had turned into a blanket of snow.

"It's crazy. It's April and it should not be snowing," Frostburg student Jessica Musselman says.

ABC7 meteorologist Adam Caskey says that a Winter Weather Advisory still exists in the Frostburg area after about an inch or two of snow fell throughout the morning.

In the town of Accident, the Garrett county school system's snow day means these kids got to pull their sleds back out of storage. In McHenry the flip flopping seasons mean the wisp ski resort, which closed for the year at the end of March is once again snow covered - but so are the boats which have already been launched at the bottom of the hill in Deep Creek Lake.

Some residents of Garrett County say they’ve seen it before.

“Oh, I’ve seen it as a kid in June. Memorial weekend,” says Ellen Teets.

Plow operator Ed Bach says even to his experienced eyes, the snow just doesn't look right.

“It’s crazy,” Bach says. “I’ve lived here in Garrett county all my life and I’ve never had a winter like this.”

PHOTOS: Snow falls throughout Western Maryland

This rare spring storm could dump several inches of snow in town-even more to the west and north of Frostburg. While farmer and gardeners welcome this unusual April deluge - one some long time residents say is incredibly rare - the saturated ground and heaving winds could pose problems.

Forecasters are expecting a few more inches to fall as day turns to night in Western Maryland.

Crews in Montgomery County are keeping a close eye on trees and power lines. It's a stunning, rapid change from months of unseasonably warm, dry weather; a change that has local residents digging back into their closets for winter gear.

"The fact that it's about to snow three days after it was 80 degrees it's pretty ridiculous," student Andrew Wilk said Sunday night. "But, that's Frostburg for you.

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Keep in mind, it felt like summer just a couple days ago.

"The whole last week it was pretty steady weather. Everybody was wearing shorts and flip flops and now we have to bring out our winter jackets again," Mussleman said.

The overriding concern with this system isn't the amount of snow. The heavy and wet snow could be enough to weigh down and topple trees, which could lead to widespread power outages.

ABC 7's weather team is tracking all the latest with this April winter storm. For the most complete coverage, check out our weather page.