Frontier Airlines plane diverted to Dulles airport due to hydraulic failure

A puppy being shipped as cargo was aboard the diverted flight. (Photo: Brianne Carter/ABC7)

A Frontier Airlines plane made an emergency landing at Dulles airport Saturday morning after experiencing a hydraulic failure.

Flight 1744, traveling from Kansas City, was headed to Reagan National airport when it was diverted around 10:30 a.m.

A Frontier Airlines spokesperson says the issue that required an emergency landing was a hydraulic warning light. She says maintenance personnel are still looking the plane over and she is unable at this point to confirm if there was an actual problem or just a faulty warning light.

Officials say the plane landed safely without incident.

Passengers who were aboard the diverted flight tell ABC7 News that the ordeal was not scary and that the pilot handled the situation well.

A puppy, which was being shipped as cargo on the plane, is at Dulles waiting to picked up by its owner.

No injuries were reported.

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