Frontier Airlines Dulles service will begin in August

DULLES, Va. (WJLA) - Frontier Airlines will begin flying to and from Dulles International Airport to 14 destinations including Chicago, Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando.

Matt Berman spent several hundred dollars on a ticket for Tuesday’s flight to Austin, Texas – so the idea of a new low fare carrier is exciting.

"I'm easy -- I'll go as cheap as they'll let me," he says.

For the first time in years, Dulles will be home to a low fare carrier, as Denver-based Frontier Airlines announced its starting service in August to 14 different destinations.

And from noon Tuesday through midnight, flights including non-stops to Las Vegas will be on sale for $15 on

While that’s just a temporary promotional fare, many airline analysts say the addition of Frontier will mean lower airfares for everyone flying through Dulles – considered one of the most expensive airports in the country.

"Washington Dulles has extremely high fares right now, and we know there's high demand for travel that just isn't being satisfied because people can't afford to travel," explains Frontier's Senior VP, Daniel Shurz. "We're gonna give people who want to travel the opportunity to do so with low fares."

Frontier isn't the only new upcoming addition to Dulles. From next month United will begin daily service to Madrid, and come June 10, Air China will be launching daily non-stop service to Beijing.

Frontier's new routes will roll out on August 19. The full list of the airline's non-stop flights departing from Dulles is below (effective dates in parentheses):

Atlanta (Aug. 19)

Chatlotte (Aug. 20)

Chicago - O'Hare (Sept. 15)

Cincinnati (Sept. 8)

Detroit (Sept. 8)

Fort Lauderdale (Sept. 9)

Fort Myers (Sept. 9)

Las Vegas (Sept. 8)

Memphis (Sept. 8)

Minneapolis/St. Paul (Aug. 20)

Orlando (Aug. 19)

St. Augustine/Jacksonville area (Sept. 8)

St. Louis (Sept. 8)

Tampa (Aug. 21)