Friends of Quinn, social networking site for special needs people


Of the hundreds of millions of profiles on Facebook, there are tons of differences. But if you head over to the social networking site,, you’ll notice profiles from people who some may consider different.

“I thought there ought to be a support system - a place online - where these kids can go and be able to talk to each other,” said Quinn Bradlee, Founder of

Bradlee has lived with a learning difference, or disability, for all of his life, but he hasn’t let it get him down.

He has a job, a happy marriage and now this new website for others just like him.

“Where people can go and meet others like them that have learning disabilities,” Bradlee said.

He says Friends of Quinn is a place for young adults with learning differences to share laughs, experiences and backgrounds.

Similar to Facebook, users are able to set up a profile – where there can share their interests and other information.

There are also discussion boards where users can get advice on things like work, life and relationships.

Quinn’s mother Sally says this site is important for parents too.

“This is really wonderful for parents who can look and say, oh my gosh my child can do that...this is possible for them to have a life,” she said.

Sally credits her son for coming up with a website that’s visual, interactive and accessible to even the most special of special.

“We were very lucky to find a Dutchman who had designed a font for people with dyslexia,” she said. “So this is the first website that's ever used this where you can switch back and forth between dyslexifont and a regular font. So it really helps people who have learning problems.”

Henry Reiff is a professor at McDaniel College in Maryland who researches learning differences.

He says a website, like Friends Of Quinn, is critical for social networking.

“To find there are people that are like you. Who face the same struggles that you do and who are successful and share how they became successful,” Reiff said.

Though, success to Quinn is to reach an audience bigger than his site.

“People who don't have learning differences will understand more of what it is and won't be as afraid or consider us different,” he said.