Friends of Kendra Tucker mourn her death

Friends of a 15-year-old girl killed on a country road headed to school, even though it's spring break. Grief counselors spent the afternoon helping friends of Kendra Tucker come to terms with their loss.

“I was crying the whole day yesterday and today and it's just been hard losing your best friend,” said Ary Kinkead.

“It's really hard because she was a close to a lot of people and a lot of people liked her,” added Gabi Triggs, another friend of the victim. Triggs spent the earlier part of the night with Tucker and her friends. She wanted to stay with them but her mother did not allow her to.

“When I got the news in the morning I ran to her room to make sure she hadn't snuck back out,” Lynne Triggs said. “Now I am so thankful I said no. Because who knows if she would have been in the car.”

The crash happened on Logmill Road just after midnight Sunday. Kendra Tucker was killed in the accident and four other teens were injured.

The vehicle carrying five teens apparently hit a deer at high speed. The car spun out and slammed into a tree. The impact threw Kendra from the car, killing her instantly. Four other teenagers were taken to a local hospital, where one remained in life-threatening condition and one in critical condition Wednesday, according to authorities.

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