Snowball fights and snow plows in Va., D.C.

(WJLA) - As plows worked on a nearby road, Larry Cohen stood in the wind and snow outside Hutchison Elementary in Virginia to remind people of something:

"School of course has been postponed, but the election must go on."

And Virginia's 33rd Senate District special election did go on.

"A lot of people in the neighborhood just need to be reminded to vote,” said Cohen, a Democratic polling volunteer.

The weather seemed to affect the turnout, but one teacher didn't let it stop her:

"I actually didn’t realize we were going to have a snow day and I drove all the way to the school, and I went, ‘Oh, I guess I get to vote earlier than I thought,” said voter Lauren-Ashley Villa.

And as night fell temperatures dropped and the storm raged outside, travelers inside Dulles Airport were running into problems.

"They just canceled the flight because of the weather,” said airline passenger Mohammed Alsubai.

"My flight was cancelled,” added Robert Atchison, who is sleeping at the airport tonight. “Wait it out, hopefully it don't cancel again."

Meanwhile in Chantilly, plows were everywhere, but in many cases they were fighting a losing battle. The Dulles Toll Road was covered in snow, and the streets of Highland Mews hadn't been touched by a plow.

Carlos Roberto drove from Alexandria to Centreville, and says the roads were awful the whole way.

"We cannot drive anymore,” he said.

But hundreds of D.C. residents were having a little more fun in Dupont Circle, braving the cold temperatures and answering the call of social media in order to be part of the city’s legendary “friendly” snowball fights.

We found a lot of 20-somethings were first-timers, like this woman from Brazil:

"I think it's amazing, people can meet,” she said.

A large part of the excitement? It’s the first time in three years that there has been enough of the “right” kind of snow, prompting a pretty good turnout for a weekday evening.

A little beyond Dupont Circle, plow trucks struggle to keep ahead of the snowstorm and residents work to clear sidewalks. But this tourist told us she’s getting around just fine:

"I’ve been wandering around all day and going by bus and plan to stay out until midnight getting home by bus, so I'm impressed,” said Carol Knowles.

"It's fantastic, the dogs are loving it….I'm glad I'm not driving,” said D.C. resident Jessica Rosenblum.

And that’s where the trouble will likely be on Wednesday morning, as the biting cold temperatures turn slushy roads into icy ones.