Freezing weather an inconvenience for some, agony for others

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - A deep freeze has enveloped most of the nation in a dangerous cold. What is an inconvenience for most has turned into outright agony for others.

The freezing cold temperatures are too much for a lot of heating and plumbing systems. Some residents of Skyline Towers Apartments are cold - and mad. They say the heat and water went out Tuesday.

Management would only tell ABC7 that they are working to get the water and heat restored.{ }

The bitter cold is making a lot of peoples’ lives difficult.

Jamal Abagz's furnace is broken, so while he's working inside, he's dressed in layers.

“Cold, cold, its cold very cold, that’s why,” he says.

You probably wouldn't want to be a dog walker in these frozen temperatures.

“I am outside roughly four to five hours a day straight,” says Alex Attas.

Crews working to repair dozens of broken water mains across the metro area also spent a lot of time outdoors.

Some D.C. school bus drivers say even when they’re on the bus it feels like they are outside. They say their rigs put out little to no heat.

“We need heat on the buses for the children,” says Toni Barber.

Meanwhile, a lot of people hope the warmth from the sun gets the better of the cold soon.