Free dental work offered

(Photo courtesy Shno via Flickr)

During tough economic times, oral health is often overlooked. Doctors, students and volunteers are teaming up at Northern Virginia Community College to offer free dental care this weekend to those without health insurance.

For Faith Mendik, going to the dentist is about more than just a casual check-up. Faith is unemployed and without health insurance. She worries without a confident smile, she's letting opportunity slip away.

Hundreds like her received care this weekend through mission of mercy. Dentists and dental hygienist students teamed up for everything from cleanings to extractions.

During tough economic times, dental care is one of those things that sort of goes by the way side, so for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it, this is an opportunity they are truly thankful for.

But there are thousands more like her, and volunteers worry their work falls short.