Fredericksburg woman's treasured book with grandmother's voice stolen

Fredericksburg woman's book with grandmother's voice is stolen

Cara Brown is heartbroken after a book she had with her late grandmother’s voice recorded was stolen.

“I'm never going to hear her voice again if I don't get it back,” Brown said. The book, which was the story “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” was read and recorded by her grandmother just days before her sudden death.

The book was stolen when Brown’s sister’s car was broken into. “I couldn't believe it..I called her first and I cried and cried and told her it was gone. It was unreal,” Katie Owens, Brown’s sister, said.

Their grandmother died unexpectedly on December 22—the book arrived in the mail the very next day. Today, all the 29-year-old Spotsylvania County woman has left is part of the book cover and the memory of what her grandmother's voice sounded like, reading the holiday classic.

“I would cry every single time I listened to it,” Brown said. “If you would close your eyes you would think she's just sitting right there,” she added.

The book was meant as a gift for Brown’s two-year old daughter. It was stolen when her sister left it in her car as she went to work at the Regal Cinema on Route 3.

The sisters say there is no way to replace the last gift that they cherished from the woman who raised them.

“I'm just hoping that someone has the decency to bring it back. I'm hoping that someone has a heart and says--oh this doesn't mean anything to me...but it sure does mean a lot to you,” Brown said.