Fredericksburg tattoo robbery: Police try to ID suspects by body art

One of the sketches depicts a skull tattoo on one of the suspects. Photo: Fredericksburg Police

A man who told Fredericksburg Police that he was robbed while discussing tattoo work at his home is trying to identify the suspects in a unique way - by their body art.

Fredericksburg Police investigators say that the robbery happened on Sunday night at the victim's home in the 200 block of Charles Street. Police say that two suspects showed up to discuss tattoo work and payment and left.

“Never in my life did I think anybody would ever do that,” says Ashley Andis, one of the victims.

When they returned, police say that they threatened the victim and his housemate with weapons and made off with cash, tattoo equipment and a video game system. No one was injured, but police say at one point, the suspect put a 1-year-old infant in a carrier between himself and the victims.

Along with a physical description of the suspects, the victim was able to sketch renderings of the suspect's tattoos for police to help in identifying them. The first suspect is described as a light-skinned black man with a heavy build and curly hair, while the second is a dark-skinned, tall and thin black man with medium-length dreadlocks.

According to the sketches provided by the victim, the suspects also had tattoos that looked like a dog tag and a skull, among others.

Anyone with information is asked to call Fredericksburg Police at (540) 654-5753.