Fredericksburg newlyweds start life together with a storm

Daphne Patsalosavvis and Michael Quear.

As Daphne Patsalosavvis and Michael Quear, two Fredericksburg high school teachers, begin to build a home together, they start with trees down and a destroyed house.

It happened during yesterday's storm. They can't even begin to estimate the damage. The couple has had to live out of a hotel and can't even go on their honeymoon to Key West.

“It's pretty terrible. It was definitely not a welcome wedding present,” says Patsalosavvis.

And they walk away with lessons learned, they say they're just happy to be going through this together.

The couple does have insurance which they're hoping will cover and damage and they're still planning on going on their honeymoon they're just not sure when yet.

“If I wasn't with a really special person this would probably be a lot worse,” Quear says.