Fredericksburg City Council wants to forbid public nudity

Fredericksburg Police picked up a pantless man walking through town, but they had to let him go when they realized he hadn’t done anything wrong.

He had not technically broken any Fredericksburg laws and now some people want to law changed.

You don’t see much skin on a January day, but if anyone decided to let it all hang out they wouldn’t be breaking the law… in Fredericksburg anyway.

Fredericksburg forbids lewd behavior, but if you just want to go naked, that’s OK. It isn’t necessarily aiming to protect clothiers, but the City Council is about to take up a new law to forbid nudity in public places. Some here ask why? They doubt Fredericksburg is going to become the hot new nudist destination.

“They probably have better things to pay attention to so I don’t think it should be against the law,” says Mary Gay Pearson of Fredericksburg.

Some say to let the folks who occasionally want to go out without clothes have their way.

“You know summertime and stuff, the stuff that people wear, those tiny little bikinis and Speedos, it’s pretty much the same thing,” says James Spencer, also of Fredericksburg.

ABC7 found a number of people who were unaware Fredericksburg permits public nudity, but didn’t find anyone who said they planned to take advantage of the newfound freedom.

The City Council is looking at some exceptions, such as theater productions. If it adopts the proposed law, public nudity could land you in jail for six months.