Fredericksburg Baby Jesus recovered after photo posted on Facebook

Baby Jesus will be returned to its nativity scene. (Photo: Brianne Carter)

The Baby Jesus figurine that was stolen from a Fredericksburg shopping center Tuesday has been recovered and returned after the suspected thief posted a photo of it to her Facebook page.

Residents of the area were outraged after the stolen baby Jesus was taken from a nativity scene at the Central Park shopping center on Carl Silver Parkway in Fredericksburg. It was the second time in several years that the figurine had been taken from this specific location.

The primary suspect in the case was identified by a citizen, who directed authorities to a Facebook post by a 25-year-old woman from Spotsylvania County.

Police say the suspect, who{ }works at the shopping center, uploaded a picture of the stolen figurine, which weighs 80 pounds, but then removed the photo and the post from Facebook shortly thereafter.

Police say, however, that the tipster was able to print out the image and related comments made on the post before it was taken down. The evidence was turned over to Fredericksburg Police, who tracked down the figurine at the house of a relative of the suspect.

Authorities don't believe the relative was involved in the incident.

Charges are pending against the suspect, and police say that one additional suspect was likely involved in the theft.