Frederick surpasses snow removal budget

FREDERICK – With snowstorm after snowstorm, the city of Frederick has been hit hard. Some residents tell us they are still digging themselves out.

"So we have one half of our street clean, [and] the other half is covered by's still a little icy and beat up," says Frederick resident Rich Prescott.

There is so much snow that the county has already used up its snow removal budget – and then some.

"To date we've spent $2.6 million --{ } that does not include the last storm. Of the $2.6, that includes overtime, man hours, and raw materials such as salt," explained Blaine Young, County Commission President.

Also included in that total is the county’s $1 million snow emergency reserve fund.

"What are they going to do?" asked resident Larry Lindner. "It's been snow and snow and snow. We're not Buffalo, New York, but we're right next to them."

"I would think that hopefully they can increase the snow removal budget to prepare for future times like this," said Eren Boden.

And with more snow on the way, county leaders are looking for ways to get through to spring. Right now, they are counting on a half million dollar contingency fund, and when that runs out, the money will have to come from somewhere else in the budget.