Frederick playground smoking ban

(Photo courtesy haprog via Flickr)

Parents are sick of the smoke and trash on their kids' playground. Especially cigarette butts. Even smokers want the butts off playgrounds.

Dad George Brrnilovich is a smoker and favors a new ban on smoking on public playgrounds in Frederick.

"It's a bad habit but I try not to let that affect her so I don't smoke around her at all," he says.

Thursday, the Frederick Board of Alderman unanimously approved extending the city's smoking ban to include playgrounds and the city's bandshell.

The move follows years of discussion -- previous efforts included a ban on smoking in all city parks. Alderman Shelly Aloi is a vocal supporter of the revised ordinance.

"It strikes a nice compromise between no smoking at all and those who want to have the ability to continue to smoke,” Aloi says.

The ordinance would require smokers stay 10 feet from playgrounds. Offenders will face a $25 fine.

Parents say it will be good to clear the air on playgrounds.

"It's not healthy for kids so I don't think it should be anywhere near where kids are playing,” says Marne Tragert, a Frederick resident.