Frederick Gap robbery suspects strike twice

(Photo: Flickr/kalebdf)

A brazen team of five people have ripped a Frederick clothing store off to the tune of $4,000 worth of merchandise, and police now are seeking the public's help in finding them.

Frederick County Sheriff's officials say that that the team of three men and two women have struck the Gap store at Francis Scott Key Mall twice.

"I'm shocked...I shop at that mall and you don't think of it happening there," Frederick resident Leslie Whitestone said.

Authorities say the thieves first struck on March 22, when the team stole about $1,000 worth of merchandise. Two days later, they struck again, taking $3,000 of wares.

Police say that at least one of the suspects acts as a lookout while the others went to work. They then stuff the stolen clothing into shopping bags and get out of the store quickly.

Shoppers are now left to wonder how the group was able to escape without being noticed on the spot.

"Did they just come in with bags and start filling them, and the store didn't notice them?" shopper Kathryn Fitzpatrick said.

All five suspects are believed to be in their 20s. Anyone who has information or recognizes the thieves are encouraged to contact police.