Frederick Douglass statue moving to Capitol

Frederick Douglass. Image: Collection of the New York Historical Society / public domain due to age

The Senate has joined the House and approved moving the statue of Frederick Douglass to the U.S. Capitol, the Washington Post reports.

The House approved the bill by a voice vote Monday, and a companion resolution is pending in the Senate.

Each of the 50 states has two statues in the Capitol, but the district's statues of Douglass and architect Pierre L'Enfant are placed at One Judiciary Square.

Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, who represents the district in Congress, co-sponsored the bill.

She says moving the Douglass statue to the Capitol would "help correct the imbalance of influential African-Americans" honored in the Capitol. Douglass would be the third African-American with a statue there.

The move now requires the President's signed approval.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.