Frederick County snow emergency plan implemented

      (WJLA) - With winter weather bearing down on Frederick County, the Maryland State Police have implemented a snow emergency plan in the county.

      With the plan implemented, drivers in Frederick County are required to operate vehicles with snow tires or to put chains on their tires. Studded tires are also allowed. The plan also designates certain roads as snow emergency routes, restricting parking for the duration of the snow emergency.

      The snow emergency routes in Frederick County where parking is not allowed are:

      - U.S. Route 15- U.S. Route 15 (Business)- U.S. Route 40- U.S. Route 40 (Alternate)- U.S. Route 340- MD Route 17- MD Route 26- MD Route 27- MD Route 28- MD Route 31- MD Route 75- MD Route 76- MD Route 79- MD Route 80- MD Route 85- MD Route 140- MD Route 144FA- MD Route 180- MD Route 194- Interstate 70- Interstate 270