Frederick County School District works to help allergic students

Talk to parents at Hillcrest Elementary in Frederick about who is responsible for protecting kids from dangerous allergic reactions and you get an idea why the “Pace case” took seven years to sort out.

In Pace vs. State, the appeals court basically said the National School Lunch Act neither requires schools to identify students with serious allergies nor to develop a warning system even for those kids with a deadly peanut allergy.

However, today, the Frederick County School District does both, going above and beyond state and federal regulations.

“We flag the kids - it's in the system automatically. We have peanut free tables,” says Christa Williams of Frederick County Public Schools.

The year after the near deadly mistake with Liana Pace, the superintendent created a 3-page policy outlining both parent and school responsibilities.

But the attorney representing Liana believes the entire state should have a system for protecting allergic kids.