Frederick County employees fight privatization plan

Protesters have their voice heard outside the meeting hall. (Photo: ABC7)

A fight for jobs in Frederick County led to an emotional showdown in downtown Frederick on Tuesday night.

The issue revolves around whether or not the county government privatizes dozens of jobs. Both sides of the argument say they're fighting for survival.

The core of the debate includes familiar questions, such as the efficiency of services between public and private sectors and whether or not public workers should get better benefits than private sectors employees.

About 100 people stormed Winchester Hall tonight demanding an end to the privatization plan.

"It hurts your pride and everybody's morale is way down," Frederick County Parks and Recreation foreman Lisa Oakes says. Oakes says that if her department is privatized, she could lose her home.

Dozens of protesters said that privatization would cripple county services, but Frederick County Board president Blaine Young says that outsourcing some services saves money.

"I want people engaged, but let's all agree that we cannot keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result," Young says.

There is no word on when a final decision may be made.

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